Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wings of Shasta...

(Edited 3/30/2011:  The wings have a new home! They'll be on their way tomorrow!)

Before hubby and I moved to NC, we bought a popup camper.  I had always wanted a camper.  So, with the good luck and naivete of two novices, we found a popup camper which had served our family well for several years.  Hubby fixed the roof a few years ago, and everything seemed fine, until one day last spring when we opened up the camper to discover mold and mildew and a giant mushroom growing inside it....yeccch.  We thought it was a goner!

I'd been looking for a small camper for most of the previous year, and I figured it was serendipitous that popup would die just as I found a 1971 Starflyte which had been gutted.  I proposed that we use the parts from the popup to rebuild the Starflyte to our needs.  So, we bought the Starflyte.  We bought parts for it, including a used pair of wings (she had no wings when we got her) and a used Bargman 66 door handle.

As Fate would have it, the damage to our popup wasn't as bad as we thought.  My husband was able to spend the better part of a weekend doing the roof over, and I was able to clean and remove the giant mushroom and mildew.  We camped in her several times last season, and had a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, the 71 Shasta sat in our yard, unused and lonely.  We realized that we'd jumped the gun in buying her, and she wasn't the vintage "canned ham" type that I had really wanted in the first place.  She just wasn't going to work for our family, and she wasn't the "one" for us. 

So, we sold her to someone who is going to turn her into a rolling boutique.  Great idea, and she'll get a new lease on life.

Now we're left with a box of parts that we'd intended to use to remodel that Shasta.  Some of  the parts we will be able to use on Frankie.  But, not the wings.  So, here they are.  I'm aking $200 pluys your choice of shipping, Paypal or a money order with a 10% Paypal deposit.  Make me an offer I can't refuse so they don't end up on Ebay.  (PS - a pair sold recently on Ebay in the $180 range, these are in really good shape.   I'm certainly willing to listen to offers, though.)

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