Friday, March 4, 2011

The Faster we go, the Behinder we get!

The weather has been mild for a few days, so more work has been done.  The "plan" was to get moving on the dinette benches once the flooring was down.  Ahem.  Looks like we're moving in a slightly different direction!

While debating which way to cut the lauan underlayment, I made the comment that it might be easier to put down the underlayment if we took out a small strip of wood that remained on the floor by the kitchenette, where the PO's had taken out the stove.  It was just an 18" piece of 1 x 2 that was screwed to the floor.  Really.   Very small.  Very simple.  Right??

The offending piece is just out of frame on this photo.  It runs in front of the wheel well, at the bottom of the picture, part of the cabinet framing that was screwed to the floor.  One little piece.  I figured one little cut, and a few screws, we'd be golden.

So, with the sun high in the sky at lunchtime, I departed the homefront to go pick up our little boy from preschool.  I was gone about 20 minutes, tops.  I came home just in time to see the dear husband walking from the garage to the Shasta gripping a Sawzall.  Eeek!!

Inside the camper, this is what I saw:

See that ugly brown fiberglas tank?  My sweet husband decided to remove it while he was at it.  Ahem.  OK, so maybe that was my idea, I'm not sure where "the plan" went awry, but pulling that nasty thing OUT became the priority for the day.  So much for getting any work done on the dinette.  I think this is becoming a trend....

We cut the vent pipe off, then moved a few more pieces out of the way so the tank could be removed.  Behind the tank, there was plenty of evidence that mice had made their home there - shredded paper, plastic bags and wood chips.  Oh, and POO.  Lots of poo. 

Mouse nest behind the waste tank.  Pretty hole in the floor. 

The offending blackwater tank, removed.  The flange broke off (rusted out) while hubby was wrestling with it, and the emptying valve was stuck closed. The tank itself is filled with dried excrement and a mouse nest.  I will NOT miss this thing.  Yecccchh.  We'll use a blueboy for the sink water if we aren't at a campsite with sewer connection. 

Mice have eaten a hole through the back wall of the potty closet. 
Lots of rotted wood.  We'll replace this when we tear out the back end.

This is the bottom of the closet after removal of the waste tank.  Our daughter thought that we'd just leave the hole in the floor, park over the sewer connection at the campground, and we'd have "indoor plumbing."  I thought that was pretty funny!!  Nah, we're going to cover this mess up to make a floor for the closet and keep our port-a-potty there.  Clever idea, though!!

At the end of the day, we were finally able to get the luaun cut for the floor!!  Yay!!
The first piece of underlayment going down...yipppeeee!!

The lauan is cut to fit, but we won't adhere it to the floor until I've pulled up the vinyl tiles and leveled the floor a bit more.  I'll take care of that today, once it warms up outside.  I'm also going to return the black and white self-stick tiles I purchased last week and order Armstrong VCT  from Lowe's.  After talking it over with the hubby, we agreed that the difference in cost really isn't that much, and the end result will be much better with VCT.  He's so schmahrt!!

We had to remove the door (again) to fit the underlayment and tiles under the threshold.  The door is in very sad shape, all the parts are there, but the PO tried to fix it, and the pieces just don't fit properly.  It really needs a rebuild, but that isn't on the short list - yet.

Still to be done:
Remove self-stick tiles, adhere underlayment, lay new tiles.
Lift and remove the lower half of the rear skin from the window down.
Replace and rebuild the lower half of the rear section - new framing, new paneling, rebuild closet walls, repair nightstand. 
Build dinette benches
Build table
Rebuild kitchen cabinets, build in new area for microwave, fridge, hw heater and dishwasher (just kidding!)
Replace weatherstripping/seals on windows
Repair ceiling - remove all PT supports that PO put in!!  Fix with fir/oak framing, replace ceiling panel.
Order foam for dinette.
Sew dinette cushion covers, sew curtains.
I'm sure there's more, but that will be enough for now!!

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