Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What have you done for me lately?

Remember that song from the 80's?  Anyway, here we are, another beautiful week in NC, and the weather is messing with us once again.  Hubby took this week off, what with all the sunshine and heat we'd been having, he figured he'd have perfect working conditions to finish the inside of the Shasta.  Hmm.  Maybe not!  We've had a lot of wet weather, which we can sure use, but the freezing temps that came with it have been a hindrance.  One thing I love about that man - he doesn't complain about it, he just puts on another layer and gets on with it.  (me?  I'm inside typing this up while the heater in the camper toasts it up a bit!)

The good news is WE HAVE BENCHES!!! Yayyyy!!!  And the potty closet is almost finished!!!  The back interior panel has been replaced, and the hubster built a new nightstand/bookshelf and cover for the storage tunnel!!!  Yayyyy!!!!

Potty closet and rebuilt bookshelf/nightstand. The "box" to the left of the nightstand is a support for the gaucho which is hollow inside.  There is a full-width storage compartment that runs the width of the camper that is accessible from the storage door on the side of the trailer.  This was the storage for the awning poles or bunk poles.

We still haven't replaced the exterior skin yet - the weather is too unpredictable to untarp for any length of time.

Benches for the front dinette.  There will be lids that lift up to access the gobs of storage space these have.  We don't plan to replace the water tank that would have been under the right side bench, we'll keep the kids' bedding on the right side and our bedding on the left side.  Each bench is 24" deep, 14" high and 41" wide.  This was a test-fit, the bench on the left will be made like the one on the right side. 

A better view of the bench frame construction.  The lift-up lid will cover the open portion and be made of 5/8" plywood.  I think!

The plan for today is to dry-fit the benches, then put down the lauan subfloor, and put down the new tiles.  I had gone around and around about which tiles to use - inexpensive vinyl or use VCT.  I love the look and feel of the VCT tiles, and they aren't difficult to install, really.  The deciding factor was the weight, though.  We tow with a 6 cylinder, max towing capacity of 3500 lbs (a lot less once we factor in the kids and our gear).  We want to keep the weight down in this trailer, so that we are well within those maximums.  The difference in weight between VCT and vinyl was somewhere between 35 and 50 lbs.  So, we chose the vinyl.  It will also be easier to replace just one square if it becomes damaged. 

Well, it should be warmed up enough outside to get back to work.  I'll be dreaming of beaches and margaritas tonight, that's for sure!!

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