Thursday, June 2, 2011

Title? Seriously?

Today was the day that someone from the DMV came to inspect the ol' girl and check her VIN.  If you didn't join us in the beginning of this tale, let me bring ya up to speed. 

We bought this old Shasta without a title from a couple that lives in NC, about an hour away from us.  It had been infested with mice, some haphazard repairs had been made, but even those were failing.  Wse rescued her and walked away with a Bill of Sale, the trailer, and then set about to get a title on her.

The first step in the process was to determine how much she was worth to the DMV so we could get a bond for 1.5 times the value.  Letter received from the nice guy at the DMV, phone call made to find someone to tell us how to get a bond.  Called our insurance agent, who referred us to another agent.  Several phone calls later (and another week) and the bond was applied for.  The bond was received almost a month later, but was wrong, and had to be reissued.  Wait another two weeks.  Called the DMV to have an inspector come see the trailer.  Wait another 3 weeks, called again.  Storms in the NC area had put a heavy demand on the inspectors to track down the owners of the vehicles that the tornadoes tossed about.  An appointment was made for TODAY for an inspector to come and see the FrankenBeast.

So, here we are!!  The inspector looked her over, made sure the VIN matched the bill of sale which matched the bond.   He asked how I knew it was a 1964.  I told him about the sink and the furnace dates.  He asked to see the sink.  (glad Hubby had cleaned it!)  I dragged it out of it's hiding spot in the garage, and showed it to him.  He explained that the reason why the sink has a date on it is that there is a FEDERAL requirement that the manufacturer put a date inside the vehicle.  On newer vehicles, it's usually a sticker.  On Shasta's, it's on the SINK.  Interesting tidbit.

He then went to his car and typed in the VIN on his computer.   He typed in all of my info, printed two copies and told me to bring the form, the bond, the bill of sale and my driver's license to the DMV down the street.  I can request a new title and I should have it in my hands in as little as 3 weeks.  YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Now, because I'm such a slacker, I figured I'd post some new photos so you can see the progress we're making on Frankie.  She's such a least inside.  The outside is still as ugly as a bucket of toads, but beauty is only skin deep, right?

Here's the new kitchenette!  Hubby reused the cutting board, drawers and the door under the sink.  Everything else is new.  He used fir for theh face frame, and a combination of 5/8 plywood, pine dimensional lumber for the inside frame and some birch paneling for the inside of the cabinets. 

The large opening on the right is for the minifridge, the opening in the center is for a microwave, and the opening above that is for storing the hotplates. 

He also added sliding doors along the entire length at the bottom.  This will be storage for small electric appliances, pots, pans, bowls, pitchers, etc.  sooooooo much storage!!

Another view.  You ca n see the vents behind where the fridge will go.  The fridge will sit about 8" away from the rear wall to allow for the water heater.

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  1. Glad you got the title ...they can be a pain in Az to get..possible..but a pain and costs about $250 when all said is done.