Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's been a GREAT summer!

The leaves are just beginning to change here in NC, and the weather is much cooler.  Perfect time for camping, except that it seems every weekend is filled with commitments and events that prevent us from getting away.  Dixie Belle is parked next to our garage, anticipating our next trip, ready to go. 

We went to Jordan Lake for a few nights, spent 4 or 5 days at North Myrtle Beach, and we spent a week at Myrtle Beach as well, trying out a new (to us) campground.  We had a great summer, and Dixie Belle held up beautifully. 

While hubby and I were camping with the kids this past summer, we had the opportunity to rent bikes for the day at a campground where we stayed.  We usually go to the beach campgrounds in the summer, and dragging a cart full of beach stuff around isn't much fun in the summer heat.  We rented beach cruisers, and a kid trailer for one of the bikes.  Our daughter rented a kids' bike, and we popped our 5 year old into the trailer along with all of our boogie boards and beach chairs, and it was GREAT!!  Instead of dreading the walk to the beach (and the walk back) we LOVED riding the bikes!  We spent part of one morning just riding around the campground and exploring.  Great fun.

I hadn't been on a bike in a long time.  I had forgotten how much fun and how FREE riding on a bike can make you feel.  No wonder kids love the things....

When we came home, I searched the Craigslist ads for awhile, but the good bikes were either too far away or too much $$$.  So, I bought a new "vintage-style" cruiser bike, which I LOVE.  Maybe someday I'll find a real vintage Schwinn bike, but for now, this one suits me just fine.  I can take the kids riding on the greenway trails around our house, and it's wonderful exercise and a great way to spend some good family time.  There are 3 parks within a mile of our house if we use the trails, so we're really having fun exploring.  Pack a picnic lunch, and off we go!

The bike gets a lot of stares, and older people usually comment on how they wanted "a fancy Schwinn bike" when they were younger, then tell stories about their first's a great conversation starter. 

I'll try to post some photos of our adventures soon.

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