Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the day.  We'll bring her home and really take a good inventory of all of her flaws.  We know the front dinette area will need to be taken down to the bones and her honey interior will need to be shined up.  This, of course, is after we remove all of the mousey mess that has accumulated over the past who knows how long.  Scary, man, just scary. 

Then, there's the spongy floor at the entry, the countertop that will need to be redone, the bench seats in the front at the dinette that will need to be replaced.  Did I mention upholstery?  Curtains?  Electrical?  Removing the black water tank and the vent pipe (which has leaked horribly).  How about replacing the panel in the middle of the camper, since the previous owner replaced the vent, removed the damaged panel and didn't put another back up??

Not that I can really complain, of course.  She'll be here.  Tomorrow.  And she's all OURS!!!!

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